There's only one man in this kitchen. I kindly ask that you allow 2-3 for dispatch.


Welcome to Men Don’t Bake!

An independent bakery based in York offering a wide selection of deliciously sweet treats and bakes locally and delivered to your door. 

how did we start?

It all started with a love of baking and experimenting with flavours and designs and a dream to share these treats with everyone. First starting out as ‘Tiny Tim’s Bakes’ supplying cupcakes and all things sweet to the students at the University of York, the business grew into what would become Men Don’t Bake.


 in July 2020 during the first COVID-19 lockdown after many months of contemplating and countless help from friends and family we decided to turn our blog into a business. By October the website was launch And since then Men Don’t Bake has been busy in the kitchen, baking a variety of brownies and treats to be delivered all around the UK!  

Meet the founder

I have always had a passion for baking but never thought of it as my career until I was 20 years old and started working for a small cake shop in York. It was the first job where I was excited to work every ship and didn't mind waking up at 4am everyday for my shifts! No matter how early I was waking up and late I was finishing, every day felt triumphant. teaching myself new skills over the many years, I have always enjoyed interacting with customers and delivering my bakes to everyone!  For the time being I will continue to work towards opening a shop where I can bake and deliver my treats every day!


Alexandro Timotheou - Founder of Men Don't Bake

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